Discussion Questions for the Movie Brave

As with all movies these days, there is no completely “child friendly” movie. That being said, the new Disney/Pixar release Brave is not as bad as it could be.  Yes, there are a few parts I wish they’d left out, and yes, there are a few issues I’ll be discussing with my little disciples. But all in all, Brave provides great fodder for some interesting discussions. With that in mind, I’m posting a PDF file of discussion questions I’m using with my own kids in our faith conversations about Brave.

There are several topics you can address, and way too much to address in any one session. Print a copy and take these along on commutes to and from sporting events, church activities or other events. Or use them for family devotions, at breakfast, at dinner, or even as you’re debriefing the day and tucking your kids in bed. Do what works for you. Just do something! Brave offers too many discipleship conversations to just do nothing.

I know if i don’t have a plan, I’m less likely to follow through. So I hope this discussion guide helps you as much as it has helped us in our faith conversations about Brave. Click the link below to download the discussion guide and make the most of every opportunity!

Brave Movie Discussion Guide










– Laura Langley, DiscipleMom

The Fine Print:  This guide is for individual, family, and small group use. Please do not reproduce this discussion guide on any other website, blog or social media site — but please DO link to this page!  Please do not mass reproduce the guide without express written permission.  Send an email to lauralangley@disciplemom.com for permissions.

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